Short Haircuts For Women


What Short Haircuts For Women Mean


Your personal brand encompasses many different things. Your persona is partly resulting with the clothes you wear, the haircut that you sport and the accessories that you carry. Your persona is a big part of your own personal brand. Obviously the biggest part is your personality. Still, the clothes that you choose, the haircuts that you wear and the accessories that you buy help define your overall look and impact on others. It’s very important to be fully aware of your personal brand. If you’re not aware of your personal brand, there might be a disconnect between the way you carry yourself and how you are perceived by other people. This may impact your performance in school, in business or in your personal career. People are looking for consistent messages so when they see somebody, the clothes, the hair, and the accessories that are connected with that person may be seeing one message however that person is acting and conveying another message. See what’s wrong with this picture? Be aware with your personal brand so you can communicate clearly your personal values. This is particularly important when it comes to haircuts. Short haircuts for women convey certain message. Short haircuts support a certain string of personal branding. Here are just 3 meanings of short haircuts for women.

What Short Haircuts For Women Mean

Short Hair Means Control

When a woman has short hair she conveys the message that she has control over her life. That she is her own person and doesn’t care much about what other people think. Obviously, this is a stretch. We are all products at some level of others’ validation. In other words, we are social creatures and a key part of our social make-up is to gain social approval. Still, short haircuts for women convey a measure of control over outside validation. Instead of a person being controlled completely by social approval, a woman with a short haircut tends to push back a little bit and assert a certain degree of control. This is very important message to send specially the corporate world. It descends a very strong and clear message especially to the eyes of superiors that are assessing whether to promote or hire somebody.

Short Hair Means Power

Ever notice that a lot of women in the top ranks of corporation in the United States and Europe tend to have short hair. This is not an accident. Short hair for women connotes power. It connotes of having arrived on a certain level. It connotes a measure and degree of respect. Short haircuts for women automatically, at a subconscious level, elicit images of power and assertiveness. This is crucial for women who are looking to climb the corporate ladder or looking to gain more respect in the work place.

What Short Haircuts For Women Mean

Short Hair Means Independence

As discussed in the first heading above there is a certain degree of control that comes with short haircuts for women. A key reason why, is the fact that there is a measure of independence and women with short hair tend to be perceived as people that don’t necessarily go along to get along. Women with short hair tend to be independent thinkers and they tend to go against the rain when necessary. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to stand out from the competition whether it is professional or in an educational setting.

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