Short Haircuts For Women


How to Try Different Hairstyles

Try different hairstyle can give you a look and a whole new outlook on life. You can use a style to be at home, one for work and one for a night out on the town. There are many easy hairstyles that you can create at home and that do not involve expensive cuts, wanted hair elements or other expensive accessories.


1. Ask a French braid your hair to begin work. Separate your hair in half and divided a little to the crown and to the sides of your head. This section split into three separate parts together once trends. Add more hair on the top right and trend on medium hair. Do the same with the left. Continue adding hair on both sides alternately, squeezing and bending the hair and making the middle trend. Each side alternates in the middle section of hair while you’re doing the braid. Braid the tail and leave hanging on your back or Turn it with pins below the braided part of your head. You can apply gel to the part of the hair while you’re braiding to hold it in place.

How to Try Different Hairstyles

2. Try different hairstyle with a bun in your hair for an appointment. This is best with shoulder length hair. Make a ponytail and hold it with your hands. Get your hair back and roll slowly to the left or right, depending on where you want to pin. Keep rolling your hair until it is in your head. Enter any loose end in and turn on the bun at the top, bottom and in the middle below the bun.

3. Lift your hair in a fan with a pin for a casual look. This hairstyle looks best with medium to long hair. Make a ponytail at the base of your skull right directly to the length of your hair. Turn crooked tail riding up against your head, a pin to secure the ends and extends over the top of the pin.

4. Make small queues to go picnic horse. This hairstyle is good for short curly hair. Separate your hair in the middle or to one side and then takes the middle part of the back of your head. Gather your hair to each side and up high near the back of your head and hold it with a hair elastic rubber. Enter your tip inside the rubber bands to get a nice and lively appearance.

How to Try Different Hairstyles

5. Try different hairstyle with a zigzag part for a different look as frequenting the mall. This hairstyle looks good with short hair, medium and long to be thin or thick means and not freshly washed. Ask a zigzag part to the top of your head and seal each according to you separated. Runs each section to the opposite side of your head with pins or hairpins. You can also braid or stain every part that is in zigzag as desired.

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