Different Styles for Two French Braids

Two French braids are simple classic, you can ignore this basic hairstyle, but Hollywood has recognized the versatility of this look, and presented in the focus of attention of beautiful ladies. Get rid of that boring and simple for something a little more complex about braids and put on a pair of these captivating braids.

Waterfall braids style

Waterfall French braid style is the ideal way to slip a braid in your head without the dreaded bald spots in the place where you picked up each section. It starts with three strands of hair near each temple. Braid through your head so that the two French braids cascading are in the back of your head. As you do, pick a little more hair to add to the existing braid on top to the central braid. Then drop the existing braid and pick a new one each time as the move. Dropping the braids at the bottom gives this style “your own, smooth and romantic waterfall look.”

Different Styles for Two French Braids

Ingenious parallel braids

An elegant French braid passing through the front of your scalp is a popular look with dual function. Besides being just pretty, it’s also a practical way of keeping the bangs back as it grows out, or secures short layers when you want them off your face. Changes things not just one, but two parallel French braids starting just above your ear and keep it on your head like a headband to finish above the other ear.

French braided pigtails

A pair of French braided pigtails can make you look too much like Laura In galls for a place between the fierce and elegant, but you can display this look without making two French braids look like you have lost your hat. Strip some wispy strands around the face to soften the look and let loose braids themselves to be more romantic instead of looking like a strict teacher and single. If you want to complete, places a flower or a feather in one of the braids and secure with string of fine leather.

Different Styles for Two French Braids

Different Styles for Two French Braids

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